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Finding comfort in cakes

During lockdown many of us discovered or rediscovered the joy of baking. There were supermarket shortages of flour and eggs, and Instagram was awash with pictures of banana bread. Even influencers were in on the game.

Lockdown baking wasn’t something new to me. I’ve always loved baking. It brings me so much joy and I find it very therapeutic. That time in the kitchen crafting a traditional Victoria Sponge or a tasty carrot cake is time away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. And I like making people happy. People love to eat my traditional cakes as much as I love baking them.

A history of baking

I owe my passion and skill for making cakes to my grandmothers. Growing up in the Lake District, I would spend hours with Betty and Jane in their kitchens, learning how to cook the perfect cake. I still use the recipes from their parish church cookbooks, as I have never found a better gingerbread recipe, or a nicer tasting shortcrust pastry. I love leafing through the recipe book and being reminded of those happy days in their kitchen, inhaling the smell of cake baking, and getting messy with flour everywhere. And of course, licking the spoon!

Traditional cake recipes are what my business is built on. Why change something that is perfect as it is? Traditional cakes have lasted because they are so tasty, so classic, and so perfect for almost any occasion, whether that’s a big celebration or just some time out from a busy day.

Lockdown baking

And over the last year I’ve seen just how important taking that time to get baking can be. I’ve loved my time in the kitchen, baking delicious cakes using locally sourced ingredients for my community to enjoy. People have told me how much of a treat a traditional cake has been for them when having tea and cake for elevenses, or as a special part of afternoon tea, or even a lockdown birthday.

Traditional cakes for the win

Whilst there are lots of fancy cakes and frilly frosting options out there, I believe that there is nothing better than a traditional cake. And that right now, that nostalgia and comfort is so important for us. We want to know we are eating something that is not only baked with good quality ingredients, but with love and passion. We want to eat a cake that reminds us of happy memories and simple times. To savour flavours as we take a break and relax, for just a short while in our busy lives. It’s an opportunity to have a small slice of celebration in our lives.

Beyond lockdown

The surge in a desire for traditional cakes will last long after lockdown. We’ve all learned to appreciate the simple things in life much more. And what could encompass that more than a slice of traditional cake from cake baker who uses locally sourced ingredients and bakes especially for you? Happy times indeed.

Sarah-Jane xXx

Home Baker and owner of Betty Jane Bakes (Based in Horndean, Hampshire)

Telephone: 07716411782



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